I’m rather disappointed with Monday’s Keynote. Apple News+, the only service available starting Monday, will – for now – be limited to US and Canada. And it’s not even secured properly. Apple Arcade will come Fall in “100+ countries”. The App Store currently operates in 154 countries and I’m wondering what “100+” means. Does this cover all the countries? If so, then why Apple didn’t write “in all App Stores”? Same thing for Apple TV+ - it will start in Fall in 100+ countries.

However, the biggest pain point for me is the Apple (credit) Card. I understand that credit cards are popular, especially in the US, but does Apple really want to be a company that profits from people’s debts?! And the deal isn’t really all that spectacular! Let me just quote John Gruber on this – here’s a fragment that gained popularity on a few blogs since Monday.

Footnote 4 on the Apple Card web page says: “Variable APRs range from 13.24% to 24.24% based on creditworthiness. Rates as of March 2019.” What a crock of shit this “low interest rates” line is. Those interest rates are usury, right in line with the rest of the credit card industry. 24% interest ought to be criminal, and 13% is not “low”.

I do hope that the Card offers something more than just credit card interest. Maybe that’s me being naive – only time will tell.

Lukasz Pikor



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