Welcome to issue #70 of zCupertino. Since you last heard last from me:

  • Someone sold the original, unopened iPod for just $19,995,
  • Jarom Vogel created some fun 3D images, with which you can toy around on your iOS device,
  • Apple opened a new Apple Store in the renovated Carnegie Library,
  • Apple buys companies, often,
  • A functioning Apple-1 computer is auctioned off.

Here are some other Apple-related news. Enjoy!

Lukasz Pikor


Bloomberg: Monday & Friday

Bloomberg held the spotlight at the beginning and end of previous week, releasing two interesting leak reports on Monday and Friday. In the first article, you can read about the possible updates to iOS, macOS, and watchOS we may see during WWDC’s Keynote. This article is long and detailed, so if you don’t mind spoilers, you’ll find it very interesting.
The second report deals with chips and cameras for the upcoming iPhone this fall.

All three new iPhones will look similar to the current versions, but the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max updates will gain a third rear camera. The iPhone XR successor will get a second camera on the back.

The third camera on the high-end models will have an ultra-wide-angle lens to produce larger and more detailed photos. It will also enable a broader range of zoom. Apple is also working on an auto-correction feature to fit people back into a photo who may have been accidentally cut out. The second camera on the new XR model will have increased zoom as well.


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