Another WWDC conference is behind us. Starting from last Monday’s keynote and with many video sessions during the previous week, we have learned a lot about the upcoming operating systems. Below you’ll find a list of features I find the most interesting. It will come especially handy after updating the OS of your device and allow you to check these features by yourself.

Apple delivered a lot and I’m pretty confident to say the magic words: all the new operating systems are even better than before.

Lukasz Pikor



It is not surprising that during yet another keynote, privacy was a very important topic, highlighted many times. This is reflected in the capabilities of the newest operating systems and I would like to take the time to group the most interesting features that came across my radar.

  • Let’s start with Sign in with Apple — my personal highlight in the long line of the latest announcements. It is a feature, which can greatly improve our privacy. Sign in with Apple will be required as an option in case the app allows for any 3rd party login, such as Sign in with Google or Sign in with Facebook buttons. While using Apple’s version, only name and email will be sent to the app developer, nothing more! The best part of Apple’s implementation is that you can choose to anonymize your email – instead of sending [email protected] to app servers, Apple will generate a random email address, like [email protected] If you use Sign in with Apple in some other app, Apple will generate yet another email — the first one (fc452…) won’t be reused! What's more, every account using this login method is protected with two-factor authentication by default. Sign in with Apple will be available not only on Apple’s OS’s, but also on the Web & Android.
  • Allow just once is a new location sharing option, which gives an app access to your location – yes, you guessed it — once. Next time the app wants your location, it has to ask you again. From time to time, iOS will generate reports describing how apps are accessing your background location. Another great feature!
  • HomeKit can now encrypt video footage from your home security cameras. It also applies to routers – every device connected to a router will be behind a firewall, giving you better security, especially if you use a lot of IoT devices.
  • The Notes section of the Contacts app won’t be available to the developers anymore. As it turns out, a lot of people saved sensitive pieces of information there.
  • New rule for developers publishing apps for kids — such apps “cannot include third-party advertising or analytics software and may not transmit data to third parties.”
  • macOS Catalina adds more privacy settings. From now on, apps will need to ask users for access to Documents, Desktop, Download folders; iCloud Drive and other cloud storage providers, USB devices, external volumes.
  • In addition, apps cannot perform keystroke logging, video recording and/or capturing a screenshot without explicit user authorization.


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