Welcome to issue #74 of zCupertino! It’s packed with interesting stories, from the App Store review process, through the Mac Pro front panel, Apple’s strategy, the MacBook recall program (make sure to check this out if you own a 15-inch MacBook), to how GTA changes the way people experience music. But before that, let’s take a quick look at some other interesting stories from the previous week.

Enjoy issue #74!

Lukasz Pikor



iPhone & iPad

Improvements to managing subscriptions in iOS 13

There are two interesting improvements to managing your app subscriptions in iOS 13.
Firstly, the system will remind you that you have an active subscription upon deleting the app.
Secondly, accessing the Subscriptions view, which shows all your subscriptions in one place, is easier. It has been moved from the App Store app to Settings app, under Apple ID menu.

Apple Watch

Three Apple Watch Stories

Regarding watchOS 6, I came across three interesting pieces of news last week. First, there was Chance Miller and his hands-on article about the Noise app. Read on to learn more about the Apple Watch noise protective feature.
The second story was a Sarah Perez piece on the possibility to delete built-in apps from the Watch.
And finally, Zac Hall and his exploration of a California watch face.
I seriously can’t wait to set the California face on my watch. If you share the same excitement, you’ll find the screenshots in this article interesting!


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