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Lukasz Pikor


Ive Leaves Apple, Part Two.

The main topic of the previous week was again - and unsurprisingly - Jony Ive leaving Apple. A storm of comments has been initiated by The Wall Street Journal report, where we can read about Ive’s last few years at Apple, the morale of members of the design team and how Ive became ”dispirited” after the release of Apple Watch because of Tim’s Cook „little interest in the product development process”. Cook decided to comment on WSJ revelations, calling their report ”absurd” and that ”it distorts relationships, decisions and events to the point that we just don’t recognize the company it claims to describe”.

It is quite interesting to read how Apple operated in the last years of Ive’s time there. Both the WSJ and Bloomberg reports paint a picture that isn’t too flattering. But that period of disturbance came to an end with Ive’s departure. It is time for Apple to adapt to the new situation and for us to wait for the end result of what they’re currently cooking up in Cupertino’s most famous design studio.

If you’re hungry for more Ive-related reading, take a look at Matthew’s Panzarino comment and Nikil’s Saval story on The New Yorker. Both are good reads!


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