Welcome to issue #78 of zCupertino. Since you last heard from me:

  • Apple gave us a glimpse of upcoming emojis. Adoption for iOS 13 will be fast.
  • MacRumors reported on a possibility of a comeback of the rainbow Apple logo. Yes, please!
  • Two Apple ads were nominated for an Emmy award. Good luck!

It’s time for zCupertino to go on a short mid-summer break. I’ll be back with the most interesting stories on August 11th. For now - have a look below for some Apple-related news. Enjoy!

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Two Apple Watch Stories

More examples of usefulness of the Apple Watch.

The Telegraph:

Paul Hutton, 48, was notified by his smartwatch that his heart rate was frequently dropping below 40bpm - a normal resting heart rate is between 60 and 100bpm. After visiting his GP and being diagnosed with an low heart rate, the father-of-three cut out caffeine in a bid to resolve the issue. But his Apple watch, which was upgraded in September2017 to alert users when they have a low heart rate, continued to send him warnings. He was referred to a consultant who diagnosed him with ventricular bigeminy, a condition where the heart beats irregularly and therefore blood is unable to pump out effectively. Mr Hutton, a technology writer, of Bradfield, Essex, had a three hour procedure, known as cardiac ablation, to correct the issue.

*Phillip Esho said he was riding a jet ski from the 31st Street Harbor to McCormick Place to take pictures of the Chicago skyline, when a big wave flipped over his jet ski and knocked him and his phone into the water. Esho said his phone was lost and people in nearby boats couldn’t see or hear him calling for help as the waves kept knocking him under the surface even though he was wearing a flotation device.

Esho, however, was wearing his Apple Watch. He used the Apple Watch’s Emergency SOS feature to reach emergency services. At first, he said it was hard to tell whether the call connected, but he quickly saw a helicopter and Chicago Police and Fire boats nearby to rescue him. Without the Apple Watch, Esho isn’t sure how he would have received help: Considering the high waves kept pushing him under the surface and he had no other way to get help, Esho said he’s not sure what would have happened if he wasn’t able to use his Apple Watch to call 9-1-1 for help.