Welcome to issue #79 after a short break! From Apple Card, through the FTC investigation, Apple Music, iOS 13 improvements to privacy, iPhone batteries, new features of some apps in iOS 13, all the way to Apple Music - there’s is plenty of reading in this issue! But before we get to main content, let’s take a look at quick bites from the previous week!

  • Everyone is/was listening: Amazon, Apple, Google, Microsoft.
  • Samsung first mocks the iPhone. Then does the same thing and removes the evidence.
  • Yelp does some sneaky thing with the restaurants.
  • Samsung puts irremovable (sic!) ads on a $2,500 Samsung Smart TV.
  • Apple reminds developers that since iOS 13, it won’t be possible to get WiFi ID, thus improving users privacy.
  • Apple Watch is still on top of the sales list.
  • Apple releases four ASMR videos.

Now, here’s the rest of issue #79! Enjoy!

Lukasz Pikor


Bug Bounty Program Updated

In February’s issue 52, I discussed the lack of a bug bounty program for the Mac and how it impacts the security of the platform. Well, this year’s Black Hat conference brought some great news! Apple greatly improved its program with higher payouts, covering all operating systems, not only for iOS like it was before, and iCloud. Not only that, but Apple will provide security researches with a special version of iPhones to make it easier for them to test system security.

iPhone & iPad

Health/Maps/Safari/Reminders: What’s New in iOS 13

I came across four interesting articles, covering changes in these apps in iOS 13:

Happy discovering new features with these guides!