Welcome to issue 83 of zCupertino. We’re now one day away from the next Apple event, which will be live-streamed on YouTube for the first time ever. Till then, let’s take a look at a recap of the previous week. Today’s topics:

  • Apple, their response to Google Project Zero research and comments to Apple’s statement,
  • MacRumors and internal build of iOS 13,
  • Apple and inconsistent usage of the ellipsis icon,
  • Bear 1.7,
  • The Bloomberg Keyboard,

and more! Enjoy the read!

Lukasz Pikor



iPhone & iPad

MacRumors and iOS 13

Imagine that: MacRumors obtained an internal yes, internal build of iOS 13, giving us a list of yet unreleased features a few days before the next Apple event. Take a look at this, this, and this if you want to read about them before Tim Cook enters the stage. I decided to not quote anything here, to avoid spoiling the fun for others.

Apple Watch

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