zCupertino is back with the latest issue after an unexpected break. It’s been a busy time, so we have a lot to cover! New iPhones, Apple Watches, and operating system updates – not only iOS 13.0 or 13.1, but we even got to 13.1.1, which fixes a few issues from the previous versions. In this week’s edition, you’ll find articles about Sign in with Apple, the U1 chip in new iPhones, Night Mode, and what LTPO is. Also, we have a review roundup for the latest iPhone models, a massive review of iOS 13, and a video about a very interesting warehouse in Brooklyn. Enjoy the read!

Lukasz Pikor



iPhone & iPad

iPhone 11 & iPhone 11 Pro’s review roundups

In the days preceding this year’s iPhone event as well as for some time after, several of my friends were asking me a question I’m usually hearing a lot this time of year: which iPhone should I buy? Of course, it always depends on your budget and your needs, but it is important to note three facts:

  • Since the introduction of iPhone XR alongside XS and XS Max, “that cheaper iPhone version” doesn’t mean “a much worse one”. On the contrary - the display, the camera setup, and the battery are becoming the only distinguishing features. Take a look at this website to see how few differences there are between the 11 and the Pro models.
  • iPhone XR has been well received by many of its users.
  • iPhone 11, as a direct successor of XR, is not disappointing.

My choice? iPhone 11. Unless you’re an avid photographer or filmmaker, in which case go for Pro. But if that’s the case, I guess you already knew the answer.

From the iPhone 11 review roundup, prepared by Mitchel Broussard:

As the lower-cost device, the iPhone 11 lacks some of the hardware and software features of the Pro line, but numerous reviewers pointed out that the line between the 11 and the 11 Pro has blurred even more this year. In short, this will likely be the iPhone that is the best choice for most customers this season.

Wired echoed many of these sentiments, calling it the iPhone for „just about everybody” and applauding the smartphone’s camera upgrade, solid battery life, low cost, and the speed of the A13 Bionic processor.

And here is the 11 Pro review roundup.

Apple Watch

LTPO / Series 4 / Series 5

In light of always-on displays in Series 5, it was surprising for me to learn that the model from the previous year, Series 4, also uses the same LTPO display technology. My initial thought was that an always-on display was reserved for Series 5 to keep Apple Watch sales steady and to make some progress prior to releasing a new version, but Series 4 is also able to keep up with this task even with it being more demanding in terms of battery drain.

However, two blog posts from iFixit shed some interesting light on the matter – they may justify why only the 2019 model has this feature (bolds mine).

During the Apple Watch portion of its event, Apple implied that their LTPO tech is the reason the watch can drop its refresh rate and save battery life when it’s not actively being used. But it’s the other components briefly mentioned during the segment, and listed on the news release, that likely make the real difference: “an ultra-low-power display driver, efficient power management integrated circuit, and a new ambient light sensor.”

Here’s iFixit’s post about the LTPO display, and here’s a Series 5 teardown.